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Watch Battery Replacement


Watch Battery Replacement

Ota watchmaker and jewelry company remembers a time when we received clients whose watch is required mainsprings that were broken to be replaced. As the years progressed, the watch industry shifted their attention with not just mechanical and automatic mechanisms, but also digital and quartz mechanisms.

OTA sells and installs Renata silver oxide watch batteries in the 1.5 and 3 Volt categories. We replace watch batteries on most all watches and most all brands while taking the utmost care in the removal of the old battery, to the recycling of the old batteries to a proper installation of the new battery verifying the seals and the watch itself before handing it back to the client.

There are many different watch battery companies out there today for watches, but we feel that Renata Swiss batteries are the ones to replace in your timepiece.

We guarantee our batteries one year with a no hassle replacement if for some reason the battery does not last at least one full year.

most watch battery replacements are done while you wait, on the spot.


Watch, Clock and Jewellery Repair

From the very first day that OTA Watchmaker and Jewelry Company opened its doors back in 1961, the staple of our business has been repairs. As far back as we can remember, watch and clock repair have been a very big part of our business, and as the years progressed, we got involved with jewelry repairs as well.

From that time piece that belonged to your grandparents that no longer works, to the recent model quartz watch that does not seem to be keeping, we are pleased to offer you an extensive and comprehensive watch repair service.

From watch crowns to watch crystals to watch hands to dial refinishing to mechanical servicing, as well as self winding watches, and even older pocket watches, we can pretty much do it all. We always do our very best to go the extra mile to do an exceptional job on your timepiece while maintaining the integrity of your watch.

Despite the challenges of the Swiss industry becoming more and more of a monopoly and making the acquisition of specific watch parts more and more difficult for small watch repair shops like ourselves, we do our utmost best to accommodate your every need for the proper servicing of your timepiece.

We also do clock repair on the premises. Whether it be a simple windup clock or a half hour chime, to a multi chime clock, we are at your service for these types of repairs.

Jewelry repairs are a big part of our day-to-day. Whether it is to resize your ring or repair the prongs (or claws) on your gemstones or replace your stones and diamonds, welding chains or bracelets, restringing your necklaces with or without knots... we are at your service to provide you the best repair work at the most reasonable price possible.

Turnover time for our repairs whether watch, or jewellery is roughly 10 business days. We thoroughly document each and every article that comes through our shop and take the utmost care with your precious jewelry and watches.

At your service!

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Custom Jewellery Design

Here at OTA watchmaker and jewelry company, although we are perhaps first thought of for our watch and clock repair, we have over the last 25 years been pleased to offer you the service of custom-made jewelry. From the initial sketching to the formation of the base model to the casting finishing and setting of your new jewelry article, we offer fully customizable and unique pieces to our clientele.

There are so many different designs and there are so many different ways of getting a jewelry piece made but we feel that a custom piece of jewelry offers a more intimate glance into the person wearing it.

We also do remodeling of older items that we can take apart and use the materials of in order to make you a new and original piece of jewelry.

Furthermore, we work with 3D technology to be able to provide you with an actual 3D image of the work in progress and give you a better idea of what it will look like when the project is completed.

We are always looking forward to the next interesting design that comes through the door